Denial & Appeal Management

ZirMed’s Denial & Appeal Management solution provides a streamlined, results-focused workflow for managing denials—and delivers the insights you need to make sustainable reductions in your overall denial rate. 

Denied claims wreak havoc on healthcare financial performance. Even when denied claims are adjusted and reimbursed, they typically add 30 to 100 A/R days and cost $25 each to rework. And because managing and working them is tedious, time-consuming, and costly, too often low-dollar and short-pay denials don’t get worked at all.

ZirMed Denial & Appeal Management provides a comprehensive, innovative solution to those challenges. With a streamlined workflow for your staff to rework and resubmit claims efficiently—and with clear management-level reporting on staff productivity, denial management performance, and denial trends—ZirMed’s solution enables your organization to quickly and easily understand and reduce your denials.